Recording with the VU-AMS

Attachment of the electrodes

Attachment of the lead wires and lead wire connector

Attach the lead wires to the electrodes according to the color-coding scheme in the figure above. Next, the blue ECG/ICG lead wire connector has to be plugged in the blue socket.

Starting the measurement by plugging in

The VU-AMS device is always standby. Measurement will (re-)start after you plug in the lead wire connector and press the event button for three seconds or longer. A beep will be heard to acknowledge the start of the recording and the green light will start flashing about once every three seconds.

Wearing the device

Put the VU-AMS device in its carrier bag with the lead wire connector facing up. Fasten the device with the Velcro strap in the bag and gird it on with the VU-AMS belt (if it is more convenient, you can also use your own belt). Make sure the device remains in a vertical position as much as possible.

Marking special events

A small black button is placed on top of the VU-AMS device next to the two lead wire plug connectors. To mark a special event, push this button for about one second. Pushing it will be confirmed by a short beep.

Stopping the measurement

If you want to stop the measurement temporarily (e.g. for taking a shower) press the event button for at least 3 seconds until the green light ceases flashing. Next, unplug the lead wire connector from its socket and disconnect the lead wires from the electrodes. The electrodes themselves are waterproof and need not be removed from the skin. To restart the measurement, simply follow the instructions above starting at ‘Attachment of the lead wires’.

Still working?

A small indicator light on top of the device will be flashing about once every three seconds as long as the VU-AMS is recording.