Published:  2011-02-15

Social Psychophysiology for Social and Personality Psychology

Authors:  James J. Blascovich, Eric Vanman, Wendy Berry Mendes, Sally Dickerson

Tags:  Psychology / Research & Methodology, Psychology / Social Psychology, Reference / Research

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The SAGE Library in Social and Personality Psychology Methods provides students and researchers with an understanding of the methods and techniques essential to conducting cutting-edge research. Each volume within the Library explains a specific topic and has been written by an active scholar (or scholars) with expertise in that particular methodological domain. Assuming no prior knowledge of the topic, the volumes are clear and accessible for all readers. In each volume, a topic is introduced, applications are discussed, and readers are led step by step through worked examples. In addition, advice about how to interpret and prepare results for publication are presented. Social Psychophysiology for Social and Personality Psychology provides methodological and technical information to help social psychologists make valid and valuable use of peripheral neurophysiological and endocrine measures of psychological constructs.