Published:  2019-07-01

Predicting quality of life during and post detention in incarcerated juveniles

Authors:  E. L. de Ruigh, A. Popma, J. W. R. Twisk, R. W. Wiers, H. S. van der Baan, R. R. J. M. Vermeiren, L. M. C. Jansen

Tags:  General functioning, Juvenile offender, Quality of life, Respiratory sinus arrhythmia, Trauma

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Besides reducing recidivism, juvenile justice institutions aim to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents, in order for them to reintegrate in society. As such, improving quality of life (QoL), especially post detention, is an important treatment goal. However, research is primarily focused on recidivism as an outcome measure for juvenile detention. The aim of the current study is therefore to describe and predict QoL of detained young offenders up to 1 year after an initial assessment, and to examine whether QoL differs between youth who are still detained versus released.