Published:  2023-04-12

Exploring Co-offending in Residential Burglary through Virtual Reality : A Novel Approach

Authors:  D. L. Renes


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This paper aims to extend the use of virtual reality (VR) as a method to explore co-offending in residential burglary. VR has only been used to investigate solo offenders, despite a large part of burglaries being committed by multiple offenders. At the same time, co-offending can affect the behavior, cognitions, and decision-making of the burglars and exacerbate the consequences for the victims. A multi-user VR simulation was used to conduct a virtual burglary, in which participants were instructed to cooperate in couples to successfully complete the burglary. During the experiment, multiple data were recorded, such as their behavior, conversations, and heart rate. After the completion of the virtual burglary, participants completed questionnaires related to presence and cooperation.