Published:  2016-11-01

Do post-trauma symptoms mediate the relation between neurobiological stress parameters and conduct problems in girls?

Authors:  Kimberly A. Babel, Tijs Jambroes, Sanne Oostermeijer, Peter M. van de Ven, Arne Popma, Robert R. J. M. Vermeiren, Theo A. H. Doreleijers, Lucres M. C. Jansen

Tags:  Autonomic nervous system, Conduct problems, Girls, Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal-axis, Post-trauma

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Attenuated activity of stress-regulating systems has consistently been reported in boys with conduct problems. Results in studies of girls are inconsistent, which may result from the high prevalence of comorbid post-trauma symptoms. Therefore, the aim of the present study is to investigate post-trauma symptoms as a potential mediator in the relation between stress-regulation systems functioning and conduct problems in female adolescents.