Published:  1996

Ambulatory monitoring of the impedance cardiogram

Authors:  Gonneke H. M. Willemsen, Eco J. C. DeGeus, Coert H. A. M. Klaver, Lorenz J. P. VanDoornen, Douglas Carrofl

Tags:  Ambulatory monitoring, Cardiac output, Heart rate, Impedance cardiography, Motility, Stroke volume, Systolic time intervals

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The wowing need for more advanced ambulatory monitoring has led lo the development of an ambulatory monitor for impedance cardiography (VU-AMD). This paper presents two studies addressing the validity of the VU-AMD. In the first study, the cardiovascular responses of 25 subjects during various conditions were simultaneously recorded with the VU-AMD and a standard laboratory impedance device. Correlations between the responses of the ambulatory and laboratory devices were high, both inter and intraindividually, except lot stroke volume and cardiac output during exercise In the second study, 26 subjects underwent 24-hr monitoring with the VU-AMD. The values obtained with the VU-AMD were realistic and varied in a predictable way over activity and posture. It is concluded that the VU-AMD is a valid device for the measurement of systolic time intervals in real-life situations but its applicability for absolute stroke volume and cardiac output determination remains lo he established.