Why is the LED on the VU-AMS 5fs blinking rapidly?


A slow blink is a sign of standby, a faster blink means the VU-AMS is recording. A rapid blink means there is a problem. See the status indicators page for examples

Why does the VU-AMS 5fs make a beeping sound?

Should I upgrade VU-DAMS to a newer version during the data analysis phase of a research project?


In general we recommend upgrading VU-DAMS to the newest version before starting data analysis and then completing the analyses for the project with that version. VU-DAMS version 4.3 and higher is equipped with a highly effective dZ/dt filter (on by default). We discourage switching between having the dZ/dt filter on or off in the middle of a project. Use the same setting for all subjects in a single project. The new ICG filtering can be switched off via Edit>Settings>Expert Mode.

I have 0kb files on my memory card, have I lost my recording?


0kb files occur when your VU-AMS 5fs device has unexpectedly powered down while recording, usually by the user removing the batteries. See the Troubleshooting page for instructions on how to restore your file.

How do I interface with stimulus presentation software?


You can send markers from the stimulus computer to be recorded into the VU-AMS 5fs data file. Plugins for commonly used presentation packages (e.g. E-prime) can be found here: Adding markers from stimulus presentation software

Can I still access older software versions for project continuity?


Yes, please see the Previous versions page

Can I export my ECG data for use in the Kubios HRV analysis software package?

Many of the metrics available in Kubios are also available through VU-DAMS. To export your data in a Kubios-compatible format follow the procedure on the Compatible third parties page