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Below you will find a short description on how to export ECG from VU-DAMS to import it into Kubios.

Please note Kubios starts throwing Memory Errors when importing ASCII files over 300MB (meaning more than 3 hours of ECG data at 1000Hz).

When importing 24 hour data into Kubios the beats will have to be exported to ASCII from VU-DAMS. All columns except for the IBI column will have to be removed in order for Kubios to import 24 hour without errors.

Export from VU-AMS

First export the raw ECG signal as shown in the image (left).

Import into Kubios

Import the _ECG.txt file you just exported and make sure you select Custom ASCII-files (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv) instead of the default RR Interval ASCII-files (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv)

Now choose the right ASCII Import Options as shown in the screenshot below


Somehow Kubios can’t handle “00” (zero zero) for minute or hour in the second line of the ASCII ECG file (date/time line). Like “00” in the minute field in the first screenshot (left).

To solve this delete the second line (which will be discarded anyway) before importing the ASCII ECG file into Kubios: