Over the past three decades a total of 351 studies have been performed with the VU-AMS device. You can use our search tool below to navigate through our publication inventory using keywords on title, author, or publication year to find if we have published papers in your field of interest.

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Title Authors Date

Type D personality and cardiovascular function in daily life of people without documented cardiovascular disease

Nyklíček, Vorselaars & Denollet 2011

Longitudinal Evidence for Unfavorable Effects of Antidepressants on Heart Rate Variability

Licht, de Geus, van Dyck & Penninx 2010

Stress during pregnancy: Is the autonomic nervous system influenced by anxiety?

Taelman, Vandeput, Widjaja, Braeken, Otte, Van den Bergh & Van Huffel 2010

Resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia is associated with tonic positive emotionality

Oveis, Cohen, Gruber, Shiota, Haidt & Keltner 2009

Cardiovascular activity during laboratory tasks in women with high and low worry

Knepp & Friedman 2008

Self-esteem levels and cardiovascular and inflammatory responses to acute stress

O’Donnell, Brydon, Wright & Steptoe 2008

Comparison of time and frequency domain measures of RSA in ambulatory recordings

Goedhart, Van Der Sluis, Houtveen, Willemsen & De Geus 2007

Alexithymia predicts attenuated autonomic reactivity, but prolonged recovery to anger recall in young women

Neumann, Sollers, Thayer & Waldstein 2004

Idiodynamic profiles of cardiovascular activity: A P-technique approach

Friedman & Santucci 2003

Cortisol responses to mild psychological stress are inversely associated with proinflammatory cytokines

Kunz-Ebrecht, Mohamed-Ali, Feldman, Kirschbaum & Steptoe 2003