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Title Authors Date

Emotional and autonomic dysregulation in abstinent alcoholic men: An idiosyncratic profile?

Romero-Martínez, Vitoria-Estruch & Moya-Albiol 2019

Neuroticism and extraversion in relation to physiological stress reactivity during adolescence

Evans, Stam, Huizink, Willemen, Westenberg, Branje, Meeus, Koot & van Lier 2016

Gender differences in the impact of daily sadness on 24-h heart rate variability

Verkuil, Brosschot, Marques, Kampschroer, Sternberg & Thayer 2015

Subjective sleep quality in relation to inhibition and heart rate variability in patients with panic disorder

Hovland, Pallesen, Hammar, Hansen, Thayer, Sivertsen, Tarvainen & Nordhus 2013

Effects of induced hyperinsulinaemia with and without hyperglycaemia on measures of cardiac vagal control

Berkelaar, Eekhoff, Simonis-Bik, Boomsma, Diamant, Ijzerman, Dekker, ’t Hart & de Geus 2013

The relationships among heart rate variability, executive functions, and clinical variables in patients with panic disorder

Hovland, Pallesen, Hammar, Hansen, Thayer, Tarvainen & Nordhus 2012

Concurrent attenuated reactivity of alpha-amylase and cortisol is related to disruptive behavior in male adolescents

de Vries-Bouw, Jansen, Vermeiren, Doreleijers, de Ven & Popma 2012

Positive emotion reduces dyspnea during slow paced breathing

Allen & Friedman 2012

Type D personality and cardiovascular function in daily life of people without documented cardiovascular disease

Nyklíček, Vorselaars & Denollet 2011

Should Neonates Sleep Alone?

Morgan, Horn & Bergman 2011