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Title Authors Date

The role of stress reactivity in the long-term persistence of adolescent social anxiety symptoms

Nelemans, Hale III, Branje, van Lier, Koot & Meeus 2017

Autonomic and Adrenocortical Interactions Predict Mental Health in Late Adolescence: The TRAILS Study

Nederhof, Marceau, Shirtcliff, Hastings & Oldehinkel 2015

Pregnant Mothers with Resolved Anxiety Disorders and Their Offspring Have Reduced Heart Rate Variability: Implications for the Health of Children

Braeken, Kemp, Outhred, Otte, Monsieur, Jones & Bergh 2013

The impact of stress systems and lifestyle on dyslipidemia and obesity in anxiety and depression

van Reedt Dortland, Vreeburg, Giltay, Licht, Vogelzangs, van Veen, de Geus, Penninx & Zitman 2013

Anxiety sensitivity moderates the relationship of changes in physiological arousal with flight anxiety during in vivo exposure therapy

Busscher, Spinhoven, van Gerwen & de Geus 2013

Effects of Antidepressants, but not Psychopathology, on Cardiac Sympathetic Control: A Longitudinal Study

Licht, Penninx & de Geus 2012

Prenatal Stress and Balance of the Child’s Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System at Age 5-6 Years

Dijk, Eijsden, Stronks, Gemke & Vrijkotte 2012

The relationships among heart rate variability, executive functions, and clinical variables in patients with panic disorder

Hovland, Pallesen, Hammar, Hansen, Thayer, Tarvainen & Nordhus 2012

Cardiovascular reactivity and resistance to opposing viewpoints during intragroup conflict

de Wit, Scheepers & Jehn 2012

The Netherlands study of depression in older persons (NESDO); a prospective cohort study

Comijs, van Marwijk, van der Mast, Naarding, Oude Voshaar, Beekman, Boshuisen, Dekker, Kok, de Waal, Penninx, Stek & Smit 2011