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Title Authors Date

Psychophysiological responses to sadness in girls and boys with conduct disorder

Oldenhof, Jansen, Ackermann, Baker, Batchelor, Baumann, Bernhard, Clanton, Dochnal, Fehlbaum, Fernandez-Rivas, Goergen, Gonzalez de Artaza-Lavesa, Gonzalez-Madruga, Gonzalez-Torres, Gundlach, Lotte van der Hoeven, Kalogerakis, Kapornai, Kieser, Konsta, Martinelli, Pauli, Rogers, Smaragdi, Sesma-Pardo, Siklósi, Steppan, Tsiakoulia, Vermeiren, Vriends, Werner, Herpertz-Dahlmann, Kohls, De Brito, Konrad, Stadler, Fairchild, Freitag & Popma 2022

Effectiveness of game-based meditation therapy on neurobiological stress systems in adolescents with posttraumatic symptoms: a randomized controlled trial

Schuurmans, Nijhof, Scholte, Popma & Otten 2021

Alterations of autonomic nervous system and HPA axis basal activity and reactivity to acute stress: a comparison of traumatized adolescents and healthy controls

Schuurmans, Nijhof, Cima, Scholte, Popma & Otten 2021

Maturation of the Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System Activity in Children and Adolescents

Harteveld, Nederend, ten Harkel, Schutte, de Rooij, Vrijkotte, Oldenhof, Popma, Jansen, Suurland, Swaab, de Geus, Prätzlich, Ackermann, Baker, Batchelor, Baumann, Bernhard, Clanton, Dikeos, Dochnal, Fehlbaum, Fernández‐Rivas, Gonzalez, González de Artaza‐Lavesa, Guijarro, Gundlach, Herpertz‐Dahlmann, Hervas, Kersten, Kohls, Konsta, Lazaratou, Kerexeta‐Lizeaga, Martinelli, van Nimwegen, Puzzo, Raschle, Rogers, Siklósi, Smaragdi, Steppan, De Brito, Fairchild, Kieser, Konrad, Freitag & Stadler 2021

The compassionate vagus: A meta-analysis on the connection between compassion and heart rate variability

Di Bello, Carnevali, Petrocchi, Thayer, Gilbert & Ottaviani 2020

The short Sing-a-Song Stress Test: A practical and valid test of autonomic responses induced by social-evaluative stress

van der Mee, Duivestein, Gevonden, Westerink & de Geus 2020

The enemy in the mirror: self-perception-induced stress results in dissociation of psychological and physiological responses in patients with dissociative disorder

Schäflein, Sattel, Schmidt & Sack 2018

Adolescent sympathetic activity and salivary C-reactive protein: The effects of parental behavior

Nelson, Byrne, Simmons, Whittle, Schwartz, Reynolds, O'Brien-Simpson, Sheeber & Allen 2017

A fluid response: Alpha-amylase reactions to acute laboratory stress are related to sample timing and saliva flow rate

Nagy, van Lien, Willemsen, Proctor, Efting, Fülöp, Bárdos, Veerman & Bosch 2015

Maternal lipid profile during early pregnancy and their children’s blood pressure and cardiac autonomic balance at age 5–6 years

Gademan, Twickler, Roseboom & Vrijkotte 2014