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Title Authors Date

The contribution of brain volume to explain autonomous imbalance during recovery from acute stress in batterers

Romero-Martínez, Beser-Robles, Cerdá-Alberich, Aparici, Martí-Bonmatí, Sarrate-Costa, Lila & Moya-Albiol 2024

The effects of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) on mood, attention, heart rate, skin conductance and EEG in healthy young adults

Engelbregt, Brinkman, van Geest, Irrmischer & Deijen 2022

The physiology of maternal sensitivity to distress: An exploratory study of mothers’ electrocortical and sympathetic nervous system reactivity

Frost, Kuzava & Bernard 2022

Attenuated beta-adrenergic response to stress and increased anticipation and perception of social threat in women high on perceived criticism

Pulopulos, Boccagno, De Raedt & Hooley 2021

Validity of electrodermal activity-based measures of sympathetic nervous system activity from a wrist-worn device

van der Mee, Gevonden, Westerink & de Geus 2021

Heart rate, skin conductance, and explicit responses to juice samples with varying levels of expectation (dis)confirmation

Verastegui-Tena, van Trijp & Piqueras-Fiszman 2019

Could Alcohol Abuse Drive Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrators’ Psychophysiological Response to Acute Stress?

Vitoria-Estruch, Romero-Martínez, Lila & Moya-Albiol 2018

Heart rate and skin conductance responses to taste, taste novelty, and the (dis)confirmation of expectations

Verastegui-Tena, van Trijp & Piqueras-Fiszman 2018

Sensory expectation, perception, and autonomic nervous system responses to package colours and product popularity

Schulte-Holierhoek, Verastegui-Tena, Goedegebure, Piqueras Fiszman & Smeets 2017

Beyond expectations: The responses of the autonomic nervous system to visual food cues

Verastegui-Tena, Schulte-Holierhoek, van Trijp & Piqueras-Fiszman 2017