Over the past three decades a total of 351 studies have been performed with the VU-AMS device. You can use our search tool below to navigate through our publication inventory using keywords on title, author, or publication year to find if we have published papers in your field of interest.

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Title Authors Date

Associations between autonomic nervous system activity and risk-taking and internalizing behavior in young adolescents

Loheide-Niesmann, Vrijkotte, De Rooij, Wiers & Huizink 2021

Ambulatory measurement of the ECG T-wave amplitude

van Lien, Neijts, Willemsen & de Geus 2015

Heritability of cardiac vagal control in 24-h heart rate variability recordings: Influence of ceiling effects at low heart rates

Neijts, Van Lien, Kupper, Boomsma, Willemsen & de Geus 2014

Ethnic differences in childhood autonomic nervous system regulation

Rooij, Eijsden, Roseboom & Vrijkotte 2013

Underestimation of cardiac vagal control in regular exercisers by 24-hour heart rate variability recordings

van Lien, Goedhart, Kupper, Boomsma, Willemsen & de Geus 2011

Physiological reactivity to phobic stimuli in people with fear of flying

Busscher, van Gerwen, Spinhoven & de Geus 2010

Using multilevel path analysis in analyzing 24-h ambulatory physiological recordings applied to medically unexplained symptoms

Houtveen, Hamaker & Van Doornen 2010

Burnout versus work engagement in their effects on 24-hour ambulatory monitored cardiac autonomic function

van Doornen, Houtveen, Langelaan, Bakker, van Rhenen & Schaufeli 2009

Medically unexplained symptoms and between-group differences in 24-h ambulatory recording of stress physiology

Houtveen & van Doornen 2007

Effects of variation in posture and respiration on RSA and pre-ejection period

Houtveen, Groot & De Geus 2005