Over the past three decades a total of 351 studies have been performed with the VU-AMS device. You can use our search tool below to navigate through our publication inventory using keywords on title, author, or publication year to find if we have published papers in your field of interest.

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Title Authors Date

Vascular inflammation and blood pressure response to acute exercise

Hamer & Steptoe 2012

Determinants of exercise limitation in contemporary paediatric Fontan patients with an extra cardiac conduit

Harteveld, Blom, Terol Espinosa de Los Monteros, van Dijk, Kuipers, Rammeloo, de Geus, Hazekamp & ten Harkel 2021

Heritability of heart rate recovery and vagal rebound after exercise

Nederend, Schutte, Bartels, ten Harkel & de Geus 2016

Eccentric-exercise induced inflammation attenuates the vascular responses to mental stress

Paine, Ring, Aldred, Bosch, Wadley & Veldhuijzen van Zanten 2013

Acquired sensitivity to relevant physiological activity in patients with chronic health problems

Rietveld, Rietvelt & Houtveen 2004

Twin-sibling study and meta-analysis on the heritability of maximal oxygen consumption

Schutte, Nederend, Hudziak, Bartels & de Geus 2016

Underestimation of cardiac vagal control in regular exercisers by 24-hour heart rate variability recordings

van Lien, Goedhart, Kupper, Boomsma, Willemsen & de Geus 2011

Antidepressants or running therapy: Comparing effects on mental and physical health in patients with depression and anxiety disorders

Verhoeven, Han, Lever-van Milligen, Hu, Révész, Hoogendoorn, Batelaan, van Schaik, van Balkom, van Oppen & Penninx 2023