Over the past three decades a total of 351 studies have been performed with the VU-AMS device. You can use our search tool below to navigate through our publication inventory using keywords on title, author, or publication year to find if we have published papers in your field of interest.

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Title Authors Date

Challenge and threat states: examining cardiovascular, cognitive and affective responses to two distinct laboratory stress tasks

Trotman, Williams, Quinton & Veldhuijzen van Zanten 2018

Association of Type D personality with the autonomic and hemodynamic response to the cold pressor test

Kupper, Pelle & Denollet 2013

Adiposity, leptin and stress reactivity in humans

Brydon 2011

Hostility and anger in: Cardiovascular reactivity and recovery to mental arithmetic stress

Vella & Friedman 2009

Cardiovascular activity during laboratory tasks in women with high and low worry

Knepp & Friedman 2008

Autonomic characteristics of defensive hostility: Reactivity and recovery to active and passive stressors

Vella & Friedman 2007

Family history of cardiovascular disease is associated with cardiovascular responses to stress in healthy young men and women

Wright, O'Donnell, Brydon, Wardle & Steptoe 2007

Hostility and Distraction Have Differential Influences on Cardiovascular Recovery From Anger Recall in Women

Neumann, Waldstein, Sellers III, Thayer & Sorkin 2004

Acute stress evokes selective mobilization of T cells that differ in chemokine receptor expression: a potential pathway linking immunologic reactivity to cardiovascular disease

Bosch, Berntson, Cacioppo, Dhabhar & Marucha 2003

Ambulatory assessment of parasympathetic/sympathetic balance by impedance cardiography

de Geus & van Doornen 1996