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Title Authors Date

Weakened sympathetic response and lower parasympathetic activity in intimate partner violence perpetrators when empathizing: Influence of autonomous activation in affective approach and prosocial behavior

Comes-Fayos, Moreno, Lila, Romero-Martínez & Moya-Albiol 2024

Neurobiological Responses towards Stimuli Depicting Aggressive Interactions in Delinquent Young Adults and Controls: No Relation to Reactive and Proactive Aggression

ter Harmsel, van Dongen, Zijlmans, van der Pol, Marhe & Popma 2022

Potential classroom stressors of teachers: An audiovisual and physiological approach

Junker, Donker & Mainhard 2021

Examining the effect of hunger on responses to pathogen cues and novel foods

Perone, Çınar, D'ursi, Durmuşoğlu, Lal & Tybur 2021

Associations between teachers’ interpersonal behavior, physiological arousal, and lesson-focused emotions

Donker, van Gog, Goetz, Roos & Mainhard 2020

Common oxytocin polymorphisms interact with maternal verbal aggression in early infancy impacting blood pressure at age 5-6: The ABCD study

Smarius, Strieder, Doreleijers, Vrijkotte, Zafarmand & Rooij 2019

Should heart rate variability be “corrected” for heart rate? Biological, quantitative, and interpretive considerations

de Geus, Gianaros, Brindle, Jennings & Berntson 2019

Maternal verbally aggressive behavior in early infancy is associated with blood pressure at age 5–6

Smarius, Strieder, Doreleijers, Vrijkotte & Rooij 2018

A Quantitative Exploration of Two Teachers with Contrasting Emotions: Intra-Individual Process Analyses of Physiology and Interpersonal Behavior

Donker, van Gog & Mainhard 2018

Early life adversities and adolescent antisocial behavior: The role of cardiac autonomic nervous system reactivity in the TRAILS study

Sijtsema, Van Roon, Groot & Riese 2015