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Title Authors Date

Antidepressants or running therapy: Comparing effects on mental and physical health in patients with depression and anxiety disorders

Verhoeven, Han, Lever-van Milligen, Hu, Révész, Hoogendoorn, Batelaan, van Schaik, van Balkom, van Oppen & Penninx 2023

The impact of depression and anxiety treatment on biological aging and metabolic stress: study protocol of the Mood treatment with antidepressants or running (MOTAR) study

Lever-van Milligen, Verhoeven, Schmaal, van Velzen, Révész, Black, Han, Horsfall, Batelaan, van Balkom, van Schaik, van Oppen & Penninx 2019

Temporal stability and drivers of change in cardiac autonomic nervous system activity

Hu, Lamers, Penninx & de Geus 2017

The impact of stress systems and lifestyle on dyslipidemia and obesity in anxiety and depression

van Reedt Dortland, Vreeburg, Giltay, Licht, Vogelzangs, van Veen, de Geus, Penninx & Zitman 2013

Longitudinal Evidence for Unfavorable Effects of Antidepressants on Heart Rate Variability

Licht, de Geus, van Dyck & Penninx 2010

Depression Is Associated With Decreased Blood Pressure, but Antidepressant Use Increases the Risk for Hypertension

Licht, de Geus, Seldenrijk, van Hout, Zitman, van Dyck & Penninx 2009